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July 27, 2008: Comic-Con Thoughts

Today is the last day of the San Diego Comic-Con, which I'm attending for the first time. Unlike most normal attendees, I'm hoopin' and hollarin' as part of the Adventure Retail booth. Like most first-timers, I've learned some things.

  • There's a lot of people here. No matter what programming is set up opposite the exhibit hall hours, there's always a mass of costumed fans wandering the aisles. This is good for business.
  • People like to stop and look. Even in the middle of the aisle, directly in front of you, when you're urgently racing to the restroom after a six-hour Exact Change Dance marathon. It's important not to get frustrated.
  • Flat panel monitors practically force you to stop and look. I'm walking quickly, with a specific target in mind and a short time-span to find it in. But wait! Is that Freakazoid? Hey, the new James Bond trailer! Wolverine and the X-Men? And suddenly, you're frozen, open-mouthed, watching.
  • Bring your own food, like a camel. Eight dollars for a corndog? Maybe. $8 and a 20 minute wait in line? Wow.
  • You meet the darnest people. Bumped into William Stoddard and chatted about his upcoming projects for e23, as well as the woman who handled marketing for SJ back in the mid-80's. Plus a metric ton of fantastic fans, from old hands who remember the pocket boxes to the new guys who are picking up their first Munchkin.

It's a huge show, and I'm constantly in danger of overstimulization. But I'd have no doubts about returning -- there's just too much fun to be had.
-- Paul Chapman

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