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July 19, 2010: Let's Look In The New Releases Pile

GURPS Classic: Middle Ages 1 (Second Edition) Space Gamer #30 If you're like me, you've got just about as many years ahead of you as you do behind you. This firmly qualifies me as "middle-aged," and therefore I'm very happy that e23 released GURPS Classic: Middle Ages 1 (Second Edition). Let's see what advice awaits inside . . .

Castles? Armies? Picts and Vikings? Well, those chapters won't help me come to grips with my graying hair. It would, however, add big heaping ladles of flavor to any medieval campaign, whether it was run using GURPS or another system.

The second e23 release last week was Space Gamer #30, which contains one of the great long-lost games of the 80's: Kung Fu 2100. Sure, it's been out of print for decades, but here it is for your print-and-play enjoyment. This issue also has articles on miniatures painting, wargame maps, and a bunch of reviews, but an iron fist to a vat-grown clone trumps all that!

-- Paul Chapman

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