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June 19, 2010: A Year Of GURPS: June-July 2009

Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game CoverPyramid #3/9 Cover The great thing about e23 is that we can publish lots and lots of stuff . . . but the sheer volume of gaming goodness makes keeping track of it all a bit tricky! Inspired by recent threads in our forums, I'm going to revisit what happened over the past 12 months in GURPS. This should make it easier to catch up when SJ Games takes a little downtime at the end of June.

Starting with June and July 2009:

Transhuman Space: Personnel Files 2 - The Meme Team by Phil Masters. Just the people you need for a little high-tech mind control.
Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game by Genevieve R. Cogman. The long-awaited RPG adaptation of Lois McMaster Bujold's award-winning SF series.
Pyramid #3/8: Cliffhangers.
GURPS Martial Arts: Gladiators by Volker Bach and Peter V. Dell'Orto. Entertainment, Roman-style . . . tridents, nets, and blood-soaked sand.
Transhuman Space: Personnel Files 3 - Wild Justice by Phil Masters. A man, his dog, and his AIs vs. scary killers - classic Transhuman Space.
Pyramid #3/9: Space Opera.
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 6: 40 Artifacts by Sean Punch. Because what's a dungeon crawl without overpowered stuff?

-- Sean Punch

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