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June 21, 2010: The Multiverse Is Really Big

Apologies to Douglas Adams, but multiverse is really big. See, there's this whole universe of "big," but then there's an infinite amount of "big." It nearly hurts your head, thinking about it.

Luckily, guides are available. Aside from GURPS Infinite Worlds, Phil Masters has provided us with Britannica-6, an alternate Earth described in 70 pages. (Of course, Alternate Earths 1 and Alternate Earths 2 contain many more worlds, though the page count allotted to each is a bit smaller.) We also have Collegio Januari, Lost Worlds, and I.S.T. -- an organization of world-jumping wizards, a collection of timelines that "fell out" of Infinite Worlds, and a world of supers, respectively.

And now there's Pyramid #3/20: Infinite Worlds. Looking for new worlds to visit? Here are three: a Roman interplanetary empire; a near-future with Soviet-dominated orbit; and a world where the creator took gritty cyberpunk, added anime, and stirred vigorously! Looking for new Hellworlds to dump the bod . . . er, research? Stephen Dedman has thoughtfully provided four, each nastier than the last. Plus, Jason "PK" Levine (author of Psionic Powers) presents a slew of new psionic abilities for worldjumpers and teleporters.

Pyramid #3/20: Infinite Worlds also contains all those sorts of things Pyramid is known for . . . Murphy's Rules, Random Thought Table, and other odds and ends. Grab it now, while it's still in phase with this timeline!

-- Paul Chapman

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