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June 2, 2010: Welcome To June

June is here, which signals the beginning of the summer convention season. Origins is the first "summer con," and it's happening the 23rd through the 27th. If you like games -- doesn't matter what type -- and you're in, around, or able to get to the Columbus Ohio area, you'd do well to stop by and check out the festivities. Will, Randy, and Ryan will be in attendance, teaching the Origins Award-nominated The Stars Are Right, as well as giving sneak peeks at The Palace, the first expansion for Revolution!

And since Origins is the start of the busy summer, we figured we'd take a bit of a break after it. From June 28th through July 2nd, the office will be closed. I'd love to say "no one will be working," but knowing certain people, they'll still be answering e-mail and working on rules drafts. But the phones will go straight to voice mail, and most e-mail won't be read until July 5th.

-- Paul Chapman

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