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June 28, 2010: The Office Is Closed!

In our post-Origins haze, we're taking this week off. From today, June 28, through July 4, the office will be closed. Phone calls will go directly to voicemail, and e-mails will go unanswered.

Warehouse 23 is also closed during this period. No orders will be processed or shipped, and customer service queries will wait until July 5 (when we'll dig through as many as we can, as quickly as we can).

e23 will continue to run automagically, processing orders and delivering PDFs with the ease that only a computer can know. Of course, if you need human intervention, that will need to wait until the 5th.

And speaking of e23, here are our most recent uploads!

A Trip to the Future, A Trip to the Past

Spaceships 8: Transhuman SpacecraftHave you been traveling around the fabulous future of Transhuman Space and thought to yourself, "Wow! I'd absolutely love to be able to see all these cool spacecraft converted into the GURPS Spaceships system!"? Or have you simply wanted dozens of near-future Spaceships vessels to beef up the fleets of any near-future setting?

If you're one of the millions of lifeforms eager to purchase your transport to a transhuman tomorrow, prepare your preferred payment! Details about these magnificent metal machines are now available in the just-released Spaceships 8: Transhuman Spacecraft, from e23. Use them with Transhuman Space or incorporate them into your own sci-fi campaign (even if you don't own any other Transhuman Space supplements).

If you aren't in the mood for a flight to the future, perhaps you'd prefer a trip to the past. In that case, might we suggest Space Gamer #27 or Space Gamer #28? These PDF magazine reprints from yesteryear (1980, to be precise) are excellent early glimpses into the hobby game world – and they're good reads, too! (Rest assured, Space Gamer fans, that we plan to eventually provide reprints of all the issues of Space Gamer we published.)

So hopefully we have something from the future or the past we can tempt you with – because, at present, we're still on vacation.

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