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June 23, 2010: Origins!

This week is the 35th Origins Games Fair, and we'll be in attendance. Will, Randy, and Ryan will be teaching The Stars Are Right (nominated for an Origins Award -- and rightly so in my opinion) to any and all, and they'll also have a couple of prototypes to show off . . . including, if I'm not mistaken, the first expansion for Revolution! -- The Palace!

We'll also have MIBs on hand, and while they're scheduled to run a ton of games, they'll also be happy to teach pretty much anything we've published.

(I also have it on good authority that the awesome Car Wars setup will be back, so if you like Matchbox cars with guns glued on, it's worth your time to stop in the Open Gaming area. Sorry, no idea where it'll be this year.)

In addition to our games, the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society will have their collection available for borrowing. It's a great opportunity to play that six-hour game before sinking your own $75 on it!

If you're in the Columbus area this weekend and you're a gamer of any sort, it's worth the time to swing over to the convention center. A Day Pass is just $5 -- yes, just $5, or $10 for a family! This doesn't get you into any ticketed games, but will give you access to the ton of fun known as the Open Gaming area . . . and the Exhibit Hall!

-- Paul Chapman

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