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July 19, 2014: Crowdfunding Focus: The Battle For Hill 218

I first played The Battle For Hill 218 at BGGCon way back in 2007. A two-player card game representing a WWII battle, Hill 218 really grabbed me, so much that I just had to buy a copy right there at the con. Since then I've played a dozen or so times, and each time I sit down and teach it to someone new I'm reminded exactly why I bought the game in the first place: This is one seriously fun game in a tiny package!

The Battle for Hill 218 has been unavailable for some time now, though, so over the last few years I've been unable to encourage more people to "go buy the game!" Aw, but I wanted to share the game with others.

All of that has changed and now Chad Ellis has started a Kickstarter project to bring The Battle For Hill 218 back into print. Hurray! Take a look at the project page and then jump in and back the game; it's only $12 for a copy and all of us -- yes, even you! -- can use more great two-player games in our collections. (Bonus: it's already funded!)

-- Phil Reed

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