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July 23, 2014: Kali Dugan, Events Director From The Great Northwest!

Kali photo Hello to all my precious convention fans!  My name is Kali Dugan and I recently transplanted to Austin from the Great Northwest to manage conventions for SJ Games. You may see me showing off our latest games and super-secret exclusives at booths, or lifting large, awkwardly-sized boxes into my mid-size. Looks a bit like stuffing clowns into a VW . . .

I previously worked in the comics industry for a little less than a decade, and before that, the costuming fabric industry!  I've been rolling around geekdom for over half my life. And . . . I love it!

I enjoy a rousing game of MTG, a super greasy pizza, and a cold beverage. My favorite partners in "crime," King Mob and Spider Jerusalem, help me venture into the wonderful world of imagination! When I'm not running around on a convention show floor, you can find me in a corner, with my nose buried in a Terry Pratchett novel.

-- Kali Dugan

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