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April 28, 2024: Deck Of Many Games

Here's a handy idea if you're having a hard time deciding on a game and want to rotate through your collection more often. Write the name of each game you're considering on a card (such as index cards . . . or perhaps using a permanent marker on the cards of a game that you've decided you never want to play again but you want to secure some additional utility from it). When it comes time to pick a game, deal a card from your "deck." Put that card aside so you won't draw it again. When you want to play another game, draw a new option from the deck. Eventually all the game-possibility cards will be in the "discard" pile, and it'll be time to shuffle 'em together and start again.

You can tweak this idea to suit your library and play preferences. For example, if you like to play a certain game twice as often as others, you can add two cards with that game into your deck. But the base idea is a way to get you started.

-- Steven Marsh

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