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April 23, 2024: App Recommendation: Exit: The Game Apps

I make no secret regarding my love of escape-room-type games. I must've played them all, from Soho down to Brighton (well, from Indianapolis to Muncie, at least). Our household also has played our fair share of tabletop escape games as well, to much enjoyment. One of the game series in this vein is the Exit: The Game games, by Thames & Kosmos. We like those boxed games, but that's not what this post is about.

Rather, this post is about the two Exit: The Game video games, available via iOS (how I played it), Google Play, Steam, and quite possibly other platforms I'm missing. Those links are for the first game they released: EXIT: The Curse of Ophir. There's a second one called Trial of the Griffin. I liked them both.

For those who've played a number of point-and-click or adventure-type games, these will feel familiar. They are not. At least, not exactly. In particular, the puzzles are much more brain-scratching than their LucasArts counterparts. Sometimes they don't play fair. I'm hesitant to say more, for fear of spoilers. However, if you've played escape-room-type games and want a digital version, I can heartily recommend these, especially for a few hours of on-the-go fun. And don't feel bad if you need a hint or two (which the game happily provides); there's a lot of sneaky subterfuge going on with these.

-- Steven Marsh

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