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April 29, 2024: Munchkin Big Box: What A Difference A Week Makes!

Munchkin Big Box went live on BackerKit on April 18, and it's been a whirlwind ever since! This crowdfunding campaign reached its initial funding goal of $75,000 in under 5 minutes, and it never looked back. Rather, we never looked back!
As of Sunday evening, the campaign was a little bit south of $750,000 and a little bit north of 5,000 supporters. Our fantastic backers have unlocked 15 stretch goals, including an enamel pin, wooden meeples, another set of dividers, and a dice tray. 
We've spent the weekend brainstorming some more neat stretch goals, and yes! We listened to your suggestions. This should be an exciting week! Head on over to the Munchkin Big Box campaign to check out the impressive contents of this box as well as a complete list of the stretch goals that have already been unlocked. Munchkin Big Box is chock-full of goodies, and there will be many more surprises. (It's so much stuff we're gonna need two boxes!)
The campaign runs through May 16. That's not as far away as it sounds! Secure your Munchkin Big Box today, and be the envy of your gaming group!

-- Michelle Richardson and Susan Bueno


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