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April 22, 2024: Join The Munchkin Big Box Bandwagon

Hold onto your dungeons! Munchkin Big Box has arrived on BackerKit!
In celebration of nearly 25 years of the classic game Munchkin, we are releasing Munchkin Big Box, the ultimate collector's edition! Designed by Steve Jackson Games and first released in 2001, Munchkin has become a massively popular, fan-favorite game. 
So, what's in Munchkin Big Box? The core set includes:
  • A big, big box that can hold over 2,000 cards plus your favorite game accessories
  • More than 650 cards, all illustrated by John Kovalic, with lots of new ones added. We will tell you more details about those soon!
  • 14 Illustrated Card Dividers
  • A Game Board
  • Six Dice in Different Colors
  • A Side Board
  • Two Kill-O-Meters
  • A Redesigned, Consolidated Rulebook
  • 12 Colored Standies (six male, six female)
  • Two Sets of Colored Standie Bases
  • A Playable, Commemorative Bookmark
  • A Collector's Edition Spyke Enamel Pin
  • Munchkin Stickers
Munchkin Big Box launched April 18th on BackerKit, and it's safe to say that fans are excited. The project was fully funded in just under five minutes, and hit a quarter of a million dollars in less than an hour! What does that mean for you? Tons of unlocked stretch goals, including:
  • BackerKit Exclusive: Enamel Pin
  • 20 Promo Card Reprints Added to Big Box
  • BackerKit Exclusive: Loaded Die
  • Wooden Meeples Added to Big Box (replaces cardboard standies)
  • BackerKit Exclusive: Munchkin Lanyard
  • Four More Bookmarks Added to Big Box
  • BackerKit Exclusive: Munchkin Challenge Coin
  • Jumbo (25mm) d6 Dice Added to Big Box (replaces standard d6s) Note: Thanks to your comments, we are rethinking these 25mm dice. Stay tuned for more!
  • BackerKit Exclusive: 3" Canvas Munchkin Patch
  • BackerKit Exclusive: Munchkin Dice Tray
Are you excited? Are you ready for hundreds of cards and extra bonuses? Are you excited for even more stretch goals? Are you ready to back this amazing project? 
If you answered yes to all of the above, then now is the best time to head over to the Munchkin Big Box page on BackerKit and make your pledge. The campaign runs until May 16th, so treat yourself to a copy today!

-- Michelle Richardson


P.S. As this Daily Illuminator goes to print, the campaign stands at almost 4,500 backers with total pledges of over $630,000. Thank you!

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