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March 23, 2024: Now Available On Demand: GURPS Tactical Shooting

GURPS Tactical Shooting

GURPS Tactical Shooting: Extreme Conditions

For those who missed the GURPS Print-On-Demand Extravaganza from last year, we're proud to announce that one of the volumes from that initiative has joined the On Demand library. GURPS Tactical Shooting now can be purchased as a physical volume for your GURPS collection.

This supplement – from gunplay guru Hans-Christian Vortisch – adds extreme realism and intense firearm considerations to your gaming table, with new rules, details, options, and historical insight.

If you're looking to get Tactical Shooting a friend on your gaming shelf, we humbly suggest GURPS Tactical Shooting: Extreme Conditions. This supplement adds possibilities covering just about every inclement complication that plagues adventurers: rain, snow, sand, heat, vacuums, and more.

Get the GURPS gaming goodness you love, in print as you want it . . . on demand!

-- Steven Marsh

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