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March 18, 2024: UK Games Expo Expecting Record Attendance

It would seem that Gen Con is not the only tabletop convention expecting a boost in attendees. Board Game Wire reports that UK Games Expo is expanding its capacity for this year's show, which will feature over 600 exhibitors and co-exhibitors. Attendance is projected to exceed last year's unique visitor count of 32,000, and co-organizer Richard Denning says that the show may need to seek out a larger venue in the near future. 
So where does UK Games Expo go from here? It sounds like the show is hoping to feature events and experiences beyond game demos. There don't appear to be any specific plans in place at the moment, though Gen Con-style events like True Dungeon are mentioned as possibilities. The goal is to offer experiences that can't be recreated at home or in small venues like local game stores.
Of course, all of this will depend on what happens at this year's UK Games Expo. It sounds like organizers are doing their best to balance the needs of attendees with those of exhibitors to ensure that all parties get what they want out of the event. We'll know more soon enough – UK Games Expo runs from May 31 to June 2, and our own Steve Jackson will be there.

-- Katie Duffy

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