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March 31, 2024: Enhancing Family Time With Board Games

We are undeniably living in the digital age: The age of streaming content, of cell phones, of computers, of video games, and of amazing technology. But how do we stay connected in person with our family in a world where so much of our time is spent looking at screens?
A wonderful way to bond with our family members and lift our eyes above our devices is through tabletop gaming, including board games and TTRPGs. When our technology is put away for even an hour or two, we begin to remember the times before the rise of digital entertainment. 
Gaming around the table is fun for all ages and can extend beyond just the household family to include relatives and other loved ones.
These are five of our favorite family-friendly games to engage everyone in a terrific evening:
We hope you'll try these great games, available on our online store, warehouse23.com, and at your FLGS, and we know you'll enjoy them even more when you gather around the table with multiple generations (and that family down the street) for a rousing game together – screen-free!

-- Michelle Richardson

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