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June 23, 2014: Batman. Bazooka Joe. Coca-Cola. It's The Vegas Licensing Show!

Mars Attacks -- The Dice Game

After Origins last week I spent one day at home before rushing out to Las Vegas for the Licensing Expo, a massive convention where licensors (people who own cool stuffs) and licensees (people who make cool stuffs) meet to work deals, trade stories, and generally plot global domination. This is the place to go if you want to discuss making awesome things using almost any character or brand on the planet. Batman. Coca-Cola. Transformers, Scooby Doo. Star Wars. Strawberry Shortcake. Hello Kitty. And, obviously, many more.

So why would I visit such a show? Well, so far I've had formal meetings with:

  • USAopoly. To talk about the upcoming Munchkin Adventure Time and to go over the final USAopoly Munchkin plans for 2015. What Munchkin excitement is USAopoly working on for next year? I'm not saying . . . yet.
  • Surge. Our incredible agents, Mark and Elan, are really helping us to expand Munchkin to new audiences. Besides the Mighty Fine t-shirts, Boom Studios comic books, and Funko toy line, Surge is working on a few other things that will help us make Munchkin even bigger and drop some great new ways of enjoying Munchkin on the world. Again, the unannounced secrets remain secret for now.
  • Topps. With Munchkin Apocalypse Mars Attacks! in stores and Mars Attacks The Dice Game at print, what possible reasons could I have to sit down with the company behind such greats as Garbage Pail Kids, Bazooka Joe, and Wacky Packages? No reason at all. Honest.
  • Secret. I'm not saying who else I talked with. Nope. Not gonna share.

I consider the show a complete success, but I'll leave it for all of you to decide how this trip worked out for us . . . later. Much, much later. When? Well, I need to get home and trade mail and calls with a few of the companies I chatted with before it's time to get into any of the specifics about what may or may not be on our schedule for 2015 and 2016.

Catch me at a show and I may just give you a few hints.

-- Phil Reed

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