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June 8, 2014: Warehouse 23 Improvements

Since we launched the new store, we've had some of the growing pains endemic to a site relaunch, and you've been great at bug reporting and letting us know about problems. We appreciate the help, thanks!

We've fixed a lot of things and made improvements, and we're cataloging them on a thread on our forums.

Here are some of the more notable ones:

  • When you purchase a digital file, you can now download it directly from the order completion page.
  • Your file library is all loaded at once and sorted to make files easier to locate. Caching was improved to speed up this page load as well.
  • File names for digital files now match the product titles, rather than the stock number.
  • You can search the store by contributor (authors, designers, etc.) Products are still being updated with this information.
  • Searching has been improved. The results should be more relevant and be presented in a more intuitive order now.

We remain committed to making Warehouse 23 awesome, and we appreciate your patience as we crunch through all this work.

-- Leonard Balsera

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