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June 22, 2014: Practice Your Sneer And Stock Your Sinister Armory, With This Pyramid

Pyramid #3/67: Tools of the Trade - Villains

Why should good guys have all the fun? The latest issue of Pyramid looks at stuff that's designed for the more adversarial side of most gaming groups, with Pyramid #3/67: Tools of the Trade -- Villains.

This issue's fiendish features include an assortment of GURPS Mass Combat armies for fantasy overlords; a GURPS guide to selling your soul for perverse profit; and Sean Punch's Designers Notes for GURPS Zombies, with a new campaign idea featuring the restless dead plus three additional zombies (including GURPS stats).

However, bad guys aren't limited to realms of the fantastic! This month we also include information and GURPS stats on one of the most feared German tanks of WWII (from GURPS Tactical Shooting author Hans-Christian Vortisch), a selection of henchmen templates for action-oriented campaigns, and even an opulent abode perfect for that sinister someone to scheme or unwind in.

Regardless of your evildoers' era or ambitions, this issue of Pyramid is sure to have something to give them the edge against those meddling heroes. Pick it up today!

-- Steven Marsh

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