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July 20, 2008: Illuminated Site of the Week: Oh, Wait, You're Serious?

Illuminated Site of the Week: Well, this time, yeah. A lot of folks show off their technological, uhhh . . . we'll call them "innovations" . . . on the Internet, but occasionally it turns out someone's actually doing something that doesn't require timecubes or free energy or wombat blood. The Daily Ill has featured Sandia National Labs here and there for things that caught our fancy, but if you cast a wider net you see it's high time they were recognized for their bionic contact lenses, or their neutron scatter camera, or their lightweight, high-caliber, self-propelled cannon system, or . . .

You know, on second thought, you could just get a job there. That'd be easier.

-- Suggested by John Evans

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