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July 21, 2003: The Golden Rule Applied

Or, "Get others to do unto you what they were hoping you would do unto them."

By now, everyone should be aware of the so-called "Nigerian" or "419" scam, where for a modest investment, you too can partake in the MILLIONS OF US$ looted from some small African country in the throes of upheaval. Scam-o-Rama is a site dedicated to all the permutations of this scam, including tips for not being taken, stories of those who were taken, and interchanges of varying humorousness between would-be scammers and wouldn't-be scammees.

Probably the best ones are the transactions in which the scammer ends up forking over valuta of his own. Out of that select few, this story takes the gold.


-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

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