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July 15, 2003: San Diego Comic-Con

From Thursday through Sunday this week, Phil Reed and I will be at the San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest comics convention in the country. I have never been there before, so it was a compliment to be invited as one of their guests of honor! I'll be doing two talks:

Thursday at 5:30 pm (till 7) - "What's New at Steve Jackson Games," in Room 9

Friday at 4:30pm (till 6) - "Spotlight on Steve Jackson," 4:30-6 in Room 8

A lot of our MIBs will be there, running a lot of games (focusing, for some reason, on Frag). Boom! So I will be looking in on some of those, and I may even be wearing the target for a couple of rounds of "Kill Evil Stevie." So far I have been VERY impressed by my contacts with these folks. If their convention is as professional as their pre-convention correspondence, this will be one of the neatest and smoothest-run events I have ever attended. If you're coming to the con, come by and see me. If you weren't planning to come, change your plans!
-- Steve Jackson

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