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June 15, 2003: September Releases

Steve Jackson Games is pleased to announce the following products for release in September, 2003:

Illuminati Y2K (Reprint)
Back in print at last! This is the set that brought Illuminati into the new millennium. Illuminati Y2K adds 109 more gorgeous full-color cards, bringing the global conspiracies in synch with the times. And aren't we glad that civilization didn't really collapse? Or did it?

This expansion set includes 26 new Specials, 76 new groups, 5 blanks to let you create your own groups and two Illuminati, Shangri-La and the Church of the SubGenius! Party like it's 1999 with Illuminati Y2K!

109 cards. Stock #1325, ISBN 1-55634. $14.95.

Target: Iraq
How did the U.S. take Saddam down? Could we have done it sooner? And what could have gone wrong?

The "new" Iraq conflict wasn't new. It started in 1990, and "slow war" continued, in the skies over Iraq and in the U.N., for 12 years.

Target: Iraq explores both the "slow war" and "fast war" against Iraq. A political game covers the 12 years of Saddam's recovery and buildup after the first Gulf War. It sets the stage for the coalition attack in April, played out as a fast-moving wargame.

Target: Iraq was created by Austin Bay. His Arabian Nightmare, a simulation of the first Gulf War published by 3W in 1990 and updated in 1991, is still used as a war-college training tool.

With full-color map, die-cut full-color counters, and detailed rules, Target: Iraq is a classic military simulation game taken straight from today's headlines.

Boxed game with full-color map and full-color die-cut counters. Stock #1900, ISBN 1-55634-711-1. $24.95.

GURPS Traveller: Starships
From launches to liners, from patrol boats to pirates, a starfaring campaign requires ships. GURPS Traveller: Starships details the "View from the Deck" . . . the experience of being aboard a starship. Passengers and pursers, bridge crews and black gang, owners and deckhands . . . they're all here. Charters and salvage operations are included, spiced up with encounters, adventure seeds and a cast of NPC owners, masters and crew.

Starships also features a much more detailed version of the starship design rules in GURPS Traveller (including components for TL7-9, TL11, and TL13 designs). It collects all previously published components in one volume and offers new accessories and design options, as well as descriptions of the technology.

It also includes complete designs for a selection of starships and smaller vessels -- the traders, lab ships, yachts and prospectors likely to be crewed by PCs. Each ship has its own detailed writeup and deck plans. These include:

  • Seeker (Suleiman II class)
  • Yacht (Lady of Shalott class)
  • Safari Ship (Animal class)
  • Old/Low-tech Trader (Birdsong class -- new)
  • Lab Ship (Kugashin class)
  • SDB and Jump Shuttle (Dragon class)

144 pages. Stock #6613, ISBN 1-55634-475-9. $24.95.

Transhuman Space: Under Pressure
As humanity reaches to the planets, a last frontier remains on Earth . . . the oceans. Governments, corporations, political idealists, and outlaws are staking their claims in this realm. There are oceans on other worlds too: Europa, Mars, Titan -- all unique and full of possibilities.

Transhuman Space: Under Pressure describes the oceans of the 22nd century, from the teeming seas of Earth to the icy ocean of Europa. Ocean arcologies . . . mining operations and terrorist foes . . . adventure and intrigue in an environment far more hostile than mere space.

This book also includes new character templates -- including new parahumans, bioroids, cybershells, and uplifted animals designed for aquatic existence -- and modular design rules for aquatic vehicles, compatible with the system in Transhuman Space: In The Well.

160 pages. Stock #6709, ISBN 1-55634-678-6. $26.95.

Transhuman Space Miniatures
It's the year 2100. Humans have colonized the solar system. China and America struggle for control of Mars. The Royal Navy patrols the asteroid belt. Nanotechnology has transformed life on Earth forever, and gene-enhanced humans share the world with artificial intelligences and robotic cybershells. Our solar system has become a setting as exciting and alien as any interstellar empire. Transhuman Space is cutting-edge science fiction adventure that begins where cyberpunk ends.

And now, Richard Kerr has created the first set of miniatures for this exciting roleplaying line! Transhuman Space Miniatures has six gorgeous figures, including Felicia, Tennin, and Aquamorph parahumans, an uplifted Post-Canine, and more. They're perfect for Transhuman Space gaming, of course, but the figures also go with other science-fiction, superhero, and modern-day games.

Add the third dimension to Transhuman Space with Transhuman Space Miniatures.

6 miniatures in video box packaging. Stock #13-0300, ISBN 1-55634-701-4. $24.95.

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