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June 23, 2003: Piracy At Origins!

My big event at Origins this year is a session of Evil Stevie's Pirate Game. For those who have not heard of this: it's a "naval miniatures" game in which the miniatures are Lego ships, from less than a foot long to BIG. It's cinematic rather than realistic, and heavy on the roleplaying. In other words, it's an excuse for adults (note: I did NOT say "grownups") to get down on the floor and play with Lego while yelling "Arrrr!" a lot.

The link above will take you to an online rules set, but I haven't updated those rules pages in a while. The version you'll find online is considerably more complex than the rules we'll be using, for two reasons. In the first place, I learn a bit more every time I run the game. And in the second place, Origins took the planned eight-hour slot and cut it into four two-hour game sessions . . . with separate ticket sales for each one. So you're going to have to learn the rules FAST, and I'm going to have to keep the game moving FAST.

To that end, I've gone really cinematic. For instance, no longer will you have to return to port to buy a new ship when you get enough gold. For this game, once you get enough glory, you'll "level up" instantly, right there in the middle of the ocean. Think video game . . .

So, if this sounds like fun, come play. A few things to know:

  • Each session will start with 30 pirates, all commanding one-gun cutters. I'm taking a total of 45 ships; the biggest two have four guns. We'll see if anyone can work up to that level in two hours.
  • Rules will be taught right there on the spot, and you'll start off as part of a fleet, so nobody will be completely on their own, even if they have never played before.
  • Anyone who shows up in costume will get some extra crewmen. A really great costume will even be worth some glory right at the start!
  • Sinking the foe will, of course, be worth glory. But helping your allies . . . not just in character, but helping them with rules and movement . . . will also be good for glory points.
  • There will be small prizes for each session, and a BIG prize . . . a new-in-sealed-box "Armada Flagship," which currently e-Bays for over $50 . . . for the most effective and fearsome captain of the whole day.
  • If you're a real Lego nut, I will welcome help setting up Friday morning (we're in Franklin C/D, and setup starts at 9) and breaking down at the end of the day. And helping me set up might give in-game benefits too. Fnord.
-- Steve Jackson

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