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June 11, 2003: Now Shipping!

School's out, and if the whiny kids at your house are whining about having nothing to do like they are at my house, you might want to consider one of these fine Steve Jackson Games products, on their way to distributors and soon to be on game store shelves everywhere:

You think you know about World War II but here are the stories they kept out of the history books. Nazi mystic archmages, SS super"human" troops, secret Antarctic bases, "foo fighters" and that's just what the Axis was up to! Now your characters can fight the Nazis on the battlegrounds of magic and super-science. Race for the Ark of the Covenant, steal Nazi flying saucer plans, and fight the Werewolves in this unique supplement to the GURPS WWII system, edited and co-written by the master of historical weirdness, Ken "Suppressed Transmission" Hite.

144 pages. Stock #8019, ISBN 1-55634-661-1. $24.95.

GURPS Blue Planet
Prepare for a compelling journey into humanity's future on a distant planet where life is hard and dying is easy. A world where GEO Marshals enforce the peace and wired mercs patrol deep waters in deadly fighter subs. A place where corporate greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity into a war of survival with an ancient legacy.

Welcome to the world of Blue Planet.

Blue Planet was a groundbreaking, critically acclaimed RPG when it was first released, and it is still a thought-provoking science-fiction classic today. Now, Blue Planet comes to GURPS! Jon Zeigler (GURPS Traveller Line Editor) and William Stoddard (GURPS Steampunk, Steam-Tech, and Low-Tech) combine on this faithful adaptation of one of the most original roleplaying worlds of the last few years to one of the strongest systems ever.

144 pages. Stock #6721, ISBN 1-55634-588-7. $24.95.

Chez Geek 2/e (Reprint)
Beer. Nookie. Roommates. Just another Friday night at Chez Geek, the fun new card game that lets you set up house with your friends -- for as long as you can stand them. Get a job at the beginning of the game, and spend money and time to accumulate Slack points. You can have a party, hang out with friends, dodge losers, and play with the cats. Borrow from your roomies so you can have snacks while you watch TV. What other game gives you points for sleeping? Just look out for the car alarm. Drink, party, and sleep late as you pursue Slack points to win the game.

Just remember, when your roommate and his S.O. keep you up all night: You can't throw them out. They live here.

110 cards in a tuck box. Stock #1329, ISBN 1-55634. $16.95.

Chez Geek 3 - Block Party (Reprint)
Chez Geek is back! This new supplement - illustrated, of course, by John Kovalic - has 53 new cards (and three of those blanks you've been asking for). More people, more crummy jobs, more pets, more food, weed, and nookie! Special bonus: The box is oversized, to hold ALL your Chez Geek cards. The outside of the box shows the Chez Geek apartment building . . . take the lid off, and the inner box shows what's happening INSIDE . . .

56 cards in "apartment" box. Stock #1336, ISBN 1-55634-562-3. $16.95.

GURPS Fantasy Bestiary (Reprint)
Long out of print, GURPS Fantasy Bestiary is back by popular demand! This extensively researched book, based on authentic folklore and legends from all over the world, is a perfect resource for the GM of any fantasy campaign. It includes more than 250 fantasy animals and plants -- everything from interesting nuisances to terrible foes.

GURPS Fantasy Bestiary also has a special chapter on Dragons, a complete list of spells used by the magical creatures in the book, and many more details every fantasy roleplayer will love!

128 pages. Stock #6504, ISBN 1-55634-184-9. $22.95.

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