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June 7, 2003: HeroQuest Limited Edition Hardcover

Warehouse 23 will be the exclusive source of the limited edition hardcover of Issaries' new HeroQuest roleplaying game.

The HeroQuest Limited Edition Hardcover will include the same content as the regular softcover version, but with a custom binding, exclusive blessing, and extra features including:

  • glossy, heavy-weight paper
  • bound-in satin bookmark
  • Greg Stafford's signature
  • customer-selected rune printed on the front cover
This special edition is priced at $100, and will only be printed to preorder. Preorders will be accepted until June 14, and then the books will be printed.

Glorantha has long been known for its use of runes, and HeroQuest continues this tradition, with lavish use of runes throughout the new rules. Each copy of the limited edition hardcover will have a rune of the customer's choice printed on the cover. More than 400 runes are available, some of them never before revealed to the public. The HeroQuest Rune PDF contains the names, images, and meanings of each of the runes.

Both the softcover and limited edition hardcover of HeroQuest have an expected ship date of July 14.

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