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June 26, 2003: And Off I Go!

Tomorrow afternoon I head off for Origins . . . to wake up bright and early Friday and run the Pirate Game. If you missed the message about that a couple of days ago, read back until you find it . . . Like every GM since the dawn of time, I'm working on my scenario the night before the convention. The rules keep getting shorter; this is good.

I forgot to mention "Frag Evil Stevie." This is a Frag game I'll run Saturday. It will involve a lot of players at once, all trying to kill . . . ME. But I get a better gun, and I shoot back. In fact, I shoot back FIRST. We're going to be using the 3-D board that Phil Reed built.

And we did get copies of all the Strange Synergy components as they went out the door to the printers, so I'll be showing it off in the SJ Games room. See you there.

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