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July 24, 2014: Where Did The Munchkin Messenger Bag Come From?

Munchkin Messenger bag Our Munchkin Messenger Bag is available now (order from Amazon) and turned out beautifully. I say this as a bit of a bag snob; I own roughly a dozen messenger bags and backpacks (including one beautiful leather bag I bought from Sterling & Burke while I was in Washington, D.C. earlier this month). Sam's design work resulted in a sturdy, attractive bag that's custom-configured for Munchkin. But where did the bag idea come from in the first place?

Off and on over the last few years, Steve and I have discussed the idea of a bag specifically created to carry Munchkin games and accessories, but the ideas kept falling apart as we tried to find a great place to manufacture a custom bag at a reasonable price. Last summer, when Sam and I stepped into the factory where the Ogre Canvas Bag was made, I instantly knew that this was the team we needed to create a special messenger bag for Munchkin games.

A week later, the last part of the puzzle came together when our partners at Amazon requested an exclusive Munchkin item. Acting fast, and using little more than my hand-waving abilities and mouth, I outlined the idea for the Munchkin Messenger Bag. My excitement for such a bag must have been infectious, since Amazon instantly agreed based solely on my description. Seeing the bag hit Amazon earlier this month was quite rewarding; less than a year after I stepped into that factory in China, our bag was finished and shipping to fans.

I love this job.

-- Phil Reed

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