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July 27, 2009: Dice: the Common Denominator

Dice. We all started with the classic six-sider in those boardgames we played as kids. (Not that we stopped playing them; they're called "classics" for a reason!) Then we grew into more and more complex polyhedrals in our quest to randomly generate numbers. Sometimes, we went too far.

Topless Robot has created a top ten list of the most shameful dice ever created for roleplaying games. It's a fun look back at some of the craziest dice ever rolled on a table.

Looks like I've owned four of those ten, although including the "d2" (aka a coin) seems like a bit of a cheat.

-- Paul Chapman

Postscript from SJ: Hah. I've owned five (counting the d2). And now I have to get a d5. That's pretty. Dumb dice are FUN and we want more of them. If this guy really gets that upset about other peoples' dice collections, his eyeballs will probably explode if he ever goes to GenCon. (Photos, or it didn't happen.)

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