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July 27, 2014: Munchkin Fans, Grab Munchkin Dragons Now!

[Image]We're now officially out of Munchkin Dragons. What does this mean? Well, the easiest answer is: There are no more copies left to ship to our distributors. Once they run out, there won't be any more copies to ship to stores.

We currently have no plans to reprint this booster pack, so if you've got a Dragons-sized hole in your Munchkin collection we suggest you run to your local store and grab it now before resellers push prices to ridiculous levels. We may reprint this in the future (the entire run sold through in under one year, making this one of the fastest-selling boosters yet), but for now you have one last chance to get Munchkin Dragons before it vanishes from store shelves.

Now to decide whether or not we proceed with some of the other ideas that have been floating around the office. Who would like a Munchkin Unicorns booster?

-- Phil Reed

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