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July 29, 2003: The Iraq Situation Is Unsettled

Our local Iraq situation, that is. Target: Iraq has been removed from the schedule for now. Note: "removed from the schedule" is not a euphemism for "cancelled." It means "OK, it won't come out when we thought it would, and we don't feel comfortable just announcing a month's delay, so you no longer see it on the Upcoming Products pages."

The problem is basically this: the first draft rules that we received would have done SPI proud. In the old big-box format. There was lots of great stuff there . . . but lots of words, too. It needs to be a LOT shorter, text-wise both to fit the format and to make it accessible, since the goal is to have a wargame that can be played fairly quickly. But we don't want to lose any play value. So the designer is working on it. More on this when there's more to report . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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