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July 29, 2020: Gen Con Fun Starts Early!

If you're attending any of our events for Gen Con Online this weekend, or if you're a fan of our games, or if you collect Discord servers on your profile like merit badges, you should swing by ours . . . VFnordCon! Discord, for those not in the know, is the latest evolution of the bulletin board/forum-style social application. It lets you text, chat, talk, video, and (in our case) roll insane numbers of dice with a single command. Events don't start until Thursday, but we'll go live this evening at 6 pm Eastern Daylight Time, and we'll be hanging out through the weekend. So if you're not familiar with Discord, this is a painless way to check it out long before panels start.

Follow this link to our server (once it's open), and you can register, choose a snazzy game badge or two, see our schedule of events, and hang out in the con suite and chat with other fans (and a few staff members as well). Play a game, find out about our upcoming projects, and make us a part of your Gen Con Online experience!

-- Alex Yeager

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