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June 2, 2024: Questions Three: Steve Jackson

You know who Steve Jackson is; if you don't, the fact that the very web page you're reading this from has some variation of "Steve Jackson Games" plastered prominently in at least one place should provide a vital clue.

Hey, Steve! Do you mind if I borrow the "Questions Three" format from Hexagram for Daily Illuminator posts? It's a cool feature, and I think it'd be fun to interview folks who are part of the SJ Games team as a way to provide insight into what's going on behind the scenes.

I think they should be short, but it's a good idea . . .

Great! Would you mind being the subject of the first entry?

Not at all. Go right ahead.

Wait; these aren't counting as my three questions, are they?!

Devil's in the details, isn't it?

* * *

Interviewer's note: Not my finest hour, but hopefully you get the idea. Stay tuned for future installments while I try to get the hang of this.

-- Steve Jackson, interviewed by Steven Marsh

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