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June 7, 2017: Hong Kong Update

As mentioned last week, my June started in Hong Kong for a series of project checks and factory tours. I arrived late on Friday and collapsed, hoping for a long night of sleep and the chance to reset my internal clock. No luck, but I did get a Saturday in Hong Kong completely to myself for a short vacation. I was too exhausted for much, but I did make my way to one of the local Toys"R"Us stores and was blown away at the difference between the store here and in Texas. I even shot a short video to show everyone just how incredible TRU is in Hong Kong.


On Sunday, David Blanchard, our rep with Grand Prix International (the company we work with to manufacture games), joined me. We mixed business with pleasure, discussing the schedule and projects as we caught a few of the Hong Kong sights.

Monday, things got off to a strong start with a visit to the Hong Kong office and then a drive into China to check a new . . . well, the details are far too secret to discuss at this time. The new capabilities will be a huge help as we move forward with some new projects, and I can even see this resource coming into play for Car Wars at some point in the future. After hours in the car, we returned to Hong Kong and collapsed. Not much sleep each night here, but I'll take the four hours when I can get it.

-- Phil Reed

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