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June 11, 2017: Munchkin at Brickworld!

Greetings, builders and brick-heads! Brickworld Chicago happens June 17-18, and the new-and-improved brick-built Munchkin board will be there! Built by SJ Games event manager Guy Himber, we've featured his extraordinary board in the past, but now it's super-powered! 


Seats at the game will be available at the Brickworld Charity Auction, where you can bid to win a chance to play on this amazing game board! We will be playing Munchkin: Marvel Edition.
Face off against Magneto on the bridge of terror!  Fight alongside Spider-Man!  Battle over the Sanctum Sanctorum and Avenger's Tower.  The first to reach level 10 wins a face-off between Galactus and Thanos! All participants will get tons of Munchkin swag and rare goodies, and the champ will take home the most powerful bookmark in creation: The Official Munchkin World NYC Bookmark with all three signatures. This rare bookmark will grant you +5 in combat, plus extra treasure AND two Levels (which can be for the win!). In addition, we will bestow upon them one of the rare Munchkin Knights messenger bags to hold all their loot! 


Four lucky players will face off against Guy to try to take home the victory! So bring your best Munchkin power-ups and be prepared to get stabbed in the back as we fight it out for the best treasure and Allies.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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