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June 14, 2015: Why I Play Tabletop Games

Phil sent me this article, and it got me thinking about why I play tabletop games.

There are several reasons, really. I like the strategy. I'm a sucker for learning new mechanics and figuring out how they work. A game with a really good, solid theme can hook me quickly. Certain types of games, like deck-builders (Dominion et al.) or co-op games (such as Pandemic, or the semi-cooperative Munchkin Panic), tickle certain parts of my brain that get me interested.

But the primary reason is that I like being part of the community. Tabletop gamers are, on the whole, great folks. Sure, there are some bad apples. But for the most part we realize that this is a social hobby, and if we're not inviting new people into it and showing them what's great about it, it'll die off. And nobody wants that.

This is also why I like local game stores so much. They aren't often able to compete with big box retailers or online retailers in terms of price, but they can provide something that those other retailers can't: a community space. I can't speak for other people but I know that, when I find a local game store with a great community, I tend to stick with it, and I tend to buy there when I can.

Community. It's what makes our hobby great!

-- Brian Engard

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