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June 20, 2018: Munchkin Musings: June 2018

Red Pen Of Doom

As I write this, summer has officially hit Austin. (The calendar disagrees, but I can read a thermometer . . .) It's way too hot to be outside, so let's stay indoors and talk about Munchkin!

First, I want to thank the 485 people who backed the Munchkin Christmas in July Kickstarter (limited number available for preorder at Warehouse 23). We are looking forward to mailing out your (very) early Christmas presents next month. We hope you like them!

If you missed out on Christmas in July or you just really like getting Munchkin stuff, check out Munchkin Shelf Improvement, available on Warehouse 23 right now! For just $30, you'll get at least $60 worth of Munchkin expansions plus THREE new Munchkin rules. I know, new rules!

Speaking of Kickstarter, we've been seeing lots of pictures from people who received their Munchkin Starfinder goodies. If you're one of those lucky folks who backed the Kickstarter, please take photos of your swag, or even unboxing videos, and post them with the hashtag #PlayMunchkin. We love seeing your reactions! If you missed that Kickstarter, we'll be releasing the Munchkin Starfinder core game and the Munchkin Starfinder I Want It All! box to distribution in October. The I Want It All! box is the only way to get everything other than the core Munchkin Starfinder game at retail, so preorder at your local game store to make sure you don't miss out! Quantities of both, particularly the I Want It All! box, are going to be limited.

We also released Munchkin Cheats and, so far, people seem happy with it. The people playing the Cheat cards, I mean; I imagine their opponents aren't thrilled. This 30-card expansion is going to add a whole lot of chaotic fun to your next Munchkin night, so don't miss out!

Behind the scenes, we just sent our last couple of 2018 releases to print. We aren't quite ready to announce them here, but you'll be learning about them before too much longer. We're now working hard on our 2019 schedule, with illustrations already coming in from many of your favorite Munchkin artists, including Katie Cook, Len Peralta, Ian McGinty, and (of course) lots of drawings from John Kovalic.

Finally, we've been working on our Gen Con plans and are pleased to announce that we'll once again have the Munchkin Tavern in its traditional home at Tavern on South. We have a lot of fun stuff planned, including our usual assortment of swag (you can still find some older swag here) and some special signings. We'll be making a MAJOR announcement on Thursday and our Tavern guests will be the first to know, so you definitely don't want to miss that! During the day, come by booth 1413 to try out the Munchkin Collectible Card Game and our other great demos, including daily Munchkin games with me (some of which we haven't announced yet!), and visit our Men In Black in the open gaming area for lots more!

That's it for this month . . . see you in July for another round of Munchkin news!

-- Andrew Hackard

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