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June 29, 2018: Harlan Ellison

We learned yesterday afternoon that Harlan Ellison had died. HE would have eschewed such circumlocutions as "passed away," probably with a string of profanity, and with a mordant essay on why the best way not to fear death is to celebrate and cling to life like nothing else matters.

Harlan believed in humanity even as he excoriated humans. It was not in his nature to look away from unpleasantness, but to shine a light on it and challenge us all to do better. HE was not perfect – far from it – but then, he didn't demand perfection.

Ellison was one of the most influential writers of short fiction and nonfiction of the 20th century, writing in every genre he could and protesting any attempt to pigeonhole his work.

Harlan is survived by his wife, Susan, and many devoted friends and dedicated fans.

"For a brief time I was here; and for a brief time I mattered."

-- Andrew Hackard

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