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June 21, 2018: The Fantasy Trip At Origins . . . And Beyond!

We took a trip to Origins last weekend; specifically, we took The Fantasy Trip! Steve Jackson refereed a game (using a 1977 copy!) with lucky attendees at our room, and folks had a blast beating each other up.

Players tag-teamed for an all-out brawl in Melee, slashing and clubbing their way to victory. Brittanie Boe of BeBold Games called it, "An engaging, fast-paced thrill ride." Unfortunately, her character Cedar met an untimely fate at the hands of the other team. Poor Cedar! However, her sword-brother avenged her, taking out the other side and winning the game!

The Fantasy Trip The Fantasy Trip The Fantasy Trip

These are not our final components - we were playing with the original 1977 printing!

A few of our MIB volunteers will be demoing a new prototype around the country in the coming month, so stay tuned for more details to get your TFT fix closer to home. We'll also have it at Gen Con, our next big convention, in August. Get a sneak peek at our booth, and find out why you need to take a trip with us! 

The Fantasy Trip is easy to learn and provides action for veteran gamers and first-timers alike. Look for The Fantasy Trip on Kickstarter July 23, and make sure you follow us on Kickstarter to get updates when the project goes live!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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