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June 29, 2017: Panic Day 2017 IS This Weekend!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Sorry, I'm panicking because Fireside Games' Panic Day event is happening this weekend, June 29 - July 2!

Have a panic attack at a participating game store by playing Munchkin Panic, and get some swag, like the Munchkin Panic Bookmark of Free Masonry! Haven't played Munchkin Panic yet? It's the perfect time to learn! Fight alongside your fellow munchkins, defeating monsters to defend the castle. Work together . . . until it's time NOT to! Like any munchkin, you're out to kill the most monsters to be the best, but you have to protect the castle to survive! 

Panic Day

Check out Fireside Games' blog for a list of participating retailers. 130 stores will be panicking, so hopefully there's one near you!

So this weekend, June 29 - July 2, get out there and panic! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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