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March 3, 2011: Apparently We Don't Know How To Sell Shirts

Chez Guevara shirt Goth shirt Gamers wear t-shirts. So why do we have these shirts sitting around our warehouse, instead of covering your nakedness?

Chez Guevara's "Obey The Glorious Leader" is obviously the best possible slogan to be wearing, given the current state of world politics. Greg Hyland nailed the caricature, as usual. Put yourself squarely on the side of authoritarian oppression and silly-looking berets! This shirt comes in only one color. If you don't like red, comrade, you'd best move along to the next shirt.

If you're a Pathfinder player, our Attack of Opportunity shirt is always appropriate. Well, unless the person reading your shirt is performing a total defense maneuver. Then all bets are off.

Then there's our Goth shirt. It's black with shiny silver lettering. Is it clubwear? Is it SPIKED-club wear? It speaks for itself. Hear it?

For the lady gamer, or anyone looking for a gift for the lady gamer, Warehouse 23 has Unicorn Bait and Gaming Goddess are both designed with female gamers in mind, and we offer both in the "baby doll" style. (Gaming Goddess is also available in "crop top," if your tastes run that direction.)

I didn't really want to mention this, but: convention season is coming up. The shirt and tie you wear at the office just won't cut it. Grab a couple of these shirts and stash them in your car, and you can switch from "mundane" to "geek-pride" quicker than Clark Kent in a phone booth.

-- Paul Chapman

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