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March 4, 2005: Be A Munchkin!

The next Munchkin game we release will be . . . Super Munchkin. Kill the super-villains, grab the super-gadgets, stab your super-buddy. You know the drill.

Here's the John Kovalic illustration for the cover. He is an evil, evil man and we have much munchkin love for him.

As for what's on the cards . . . heh. It could be YOU.

Remember last year when John went to WarpCon in Cork and earned a great amount for charity by auctioning off appearances on three Chez Goth cards? We did it again. Three card appearances brought in a total of 4,500 euros (around $5,000 at the time) for Irish children's charities. Words cannot express how NEAT it feels to be a part of that.

Now we're going to do something almost as neat in a different way. We're going to auction off three Super Munchkin appearances for a NON-charity purpose that is definitely a Good Cause . . . because it helps us in our Evil Munchkiny Plans. Come hither, listen, and I shall explain . . .

Many of you have told us that Munchkin should be a computer game. Not to mention Chez Geek. Believe me, we agree. And Kira and I have already started working on a couple of Flash things that will make you smile. Someday.

But Flash development requires a BIG monitor. Or maybe two monitors. No kidding. Those of you who have built Flash projects know what I mean. For the rest of you, let me just say: Hairy interface. Many controls. Need much virtual space.

SO. The purpose of this auction is the Monitor Fund. Proceeds will go directly toward buying at least one BIG monitor. Which may someday end up displaying, in Flash, the images of the auction winners as part of a COMPUTER version of Super Munchkin. And thus we come full circle.

So what are we auctioning off? Three separate lots. Each one consists of:

  • YOU, caricatured by John Kovalic, on your chosen card from Super Munchkin, which of course means you have to get . . .
  • An advance playtest set so you can pick a card (using this to play with your friends is fine; just don't go posting the info on the net!);
  • six copies of the finished game (retail value $24.95 each), so you can spread them around and make your friends REALLY jealous;
  • Steve and John's autographs on one of those copies, and
  • Your name in the rules so you can PROVE it's you.

The auction is running now on eBay here .

Yes, you can buy one of these as a gift, but the person you give it to will need to write us a letter accepting the "honor" . . .

PS - Don't be scared off by the amount the cards brought in Cork. Those were for CHARITY. These are merely to help the evil schemes of the Illuminati, and we expect the winning bids to be much less (yet hopefully enough to put that monitor on somebody's desk). So if it sounds like fun, go bid!
-- Steve Jackson

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