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March 4, 2018: Illuminated Site of the Week: Accept No Substitutes

Illuminated Site of the Week:

Dr. M. Doreal has brought the truth and the light out in people. At least, that's what happens if you spot The Brotherhood of the White Temple half-a-yard (to start). He brought the 411 on theosophy, hermetic tradition, and the translation of the Emerald Tablet. Akin to the Philosopher's Stone and other noteworthy mystic items, the tablet contains information that has spurred the efforts of everyone from Isaac Newton to Aleister Crowley. So for your fifty bucks, you, too, might join their hallowed ranks (if they reject your application, you get your money back; otherwise, you have to keep up your dues).

But beware, imposters and wannabes, for only by hewing to the truth of Dr. Doreal's translation can one be assured of finding the true inner light. Odd assurance from a fellow whose first name is either Michael or Maurice, depending on whom you ask.

-- Andy


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