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March 17, 2015: Crowdfunding Focus: Pictodon

Crowdfunding Focus

It's a universal truth that playing an RPG is made 250% better when you have a sweet portrait for your character. Unfortunately, I'm not an artist, and neither are you (unless you are, in which case, that's pretty rad). What are we to do?

Enter Pictodon. Pictodon is a tool that takes what's great about customizing your character appearance in a video game and gives it to you in a program designed specifically for making character portraits for your tabletop game. You customize your character's appearance, add tattoos and scars, dress them up, pose them, and take pictures. As your character evolves in the game, you can go back and tweak them in Pictodon, print out new portraits, and generally keep your character's appearance current.

-- Brian Engard

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