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March 24, 2015: GAMA Retailer Party: After Action Report

GAMA Trade Show

Last week, Andrew, Randy, and I flew to Las Vegas for two days so we could host a party for retailers at GAMA Trade Show. Phil gave his presentations at GAMA, and told all the retailers to come to the Bally's penthouse to socialize and tell us what we can do to better serve them.

And they did.

All told, we got something like 150 retailers over the course of the night, and they gave us some really valuable feedback. It was a fantastic night, everyone had a lot of fun, and we all got to live the high life in Vegas for a few hours.

Oh, and if you're at all curious about what we announced at GAMA, Andrew and I got interviewed by Watch it Played, wherein we spilled the beans. Er, the beans that Phil had already spilled. Beans were spilled. You know what I mean.

-- Brian Engard

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