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March 31, 2014: Drive Yourself Crazy On The West Coast!

AADA Road Atlas V2: The West Coast

Some people drive themselves crazy looking for adventure. Others act like they're already there, and they've got a road map. Regardless of how you find trouble, you can get there quickly and easily with the AADA Road Atlas V2: The West Coast.

Newly released to Warehouse 23, this digital reprint classic is perfect for fans of both Car Wars and GURPS Classic: Autoduel. It includes a post-apocalyptic history of the western states; a guide to California, Oregon, and Washington, including noteworthy cities; mini-scenarios for Pacific action; and even a Hollywood-based adventure suitable for Car Wars or GURPS.

Whether you're looking for gang activity in Portland, a map of Monterey Peninsula, insight into the Scout Command Corps, or just need an excuse for Hollywood mayhem, the AADA Road Atlas V2: The West Coast is sure to get you pointed in the right direction.

-- Steven Marsh

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