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May 8, 2018: Ogre Miniatures Second Edition Kickstarter

After many, many months of checking, play, and revision from myself and Drew Metzger, we've finally launched the second edition of the Ogre Miniatures rulebook.

ogre miniatures kickstarter image

This edition features brand-new miniatures painting and photography by Ben Williams; a cover by Brandon Moore; a set of 24 two-sided Ogre record sheets; and die-cut blast templates for spillover fire. Easy to learn and fast-moving, Ogre Miniatures is miniatures armor as it should be played. The original release won the Origins Award for Best Miniature Rules. 

The Kickstarter launched yesterday, and it will be a short one, running about 2.5 weeks. As of this writing, we are only about $2,500 away from our funding goal!

To be notified when future Kickstarters launch, follow us on Kickstarter (if you don't already).

As always, thank you for your support!

– Steve Jackson

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