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May 9, 2006: Rock Me Some More

Oh dear, I have a video.

Tom Smith writes: ". . . less than a day after I did the song, Lance Jackson whipped up a music video of it." No kiddin'.

Here's the MPG file . . . and here's the much smaller Flash version.

Trouble is, this is now stuck in my head, and ramifying. Paranoia commie traitor cucaracha Baba Yaga barracuda beri-beri Halle Berry halitosis Hammurabi Mata Hari Harry Truman. Manitoba mozzarella Monte Cristo minty freshness Frank Sinatra terra cotta amaretto hot potato Peter Lorre porta-potty. California catastrophic Great Kahuna guacamole epiglottis El Dorado LD-50 Dragon Lady . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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