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May 9, 2018: The Desolation Of Blarg Release Event Locations!


Now that you've had some time to meet Mugsy, Beezlebob, Barbarian the Librarian, and the rest of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game core-set crew, it's time for some new faces - in The Desolation of Blarg expansion! 

The first expansion for the Munchkin CCG starts hitting stores in late May and early June, so mark your calendar for the weekend of June 8. That Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are The Desolation of Blarg Release Events at local game stores all around the U.S. and Canada! 

Find an event near you to get some brand-new cards - including Blarg himself, a neutral Monster. (He not only packs a wallop, but might get to deal 2 bonus damage to a stashed Monster.) And for attending, you'll probably get some promos!

That includes Potted Plant promos, which aren't in any booster packs; three alternate-art, never-before-seen The Desolation of Blarg cards; and the Flamingo Wanderer, a new draft Hero.

Some stores will run their Release Event as a draft or a sealed tournament. Others may run learn-to-play or casual-play events. If your favorite local game store in the linked list below doesn't have a time and date, call them for details. 

We are also running a social-media contest during these events: Post #PlayMunchkinCCG with a picture of your event on June 8, 9, and 10, and you're automatically entered to win an acrylic level dial. 

Click here for the complete list of event locations! 

--Ariel Barkhurst

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