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May 10, 2018: Ogre Miniatures Progress Report

The Ogre Miniatures Kickstarter is coming along well. We blew past the first stretch goal (so the book will be hardback) and are about halfway to the second goal (a diecut sheet with some miniatures that won't be available in plastic any time soon). If you are a supporter of the project, please take a moment to log in to Kickstarter and use the comments to give us your thoughts on what you'd like to see on this second diecut sheet. And (not to give anything away early) but maybe on a third sheet as well . . .

This is a minis ruleset with easy movement and quick combat resolution. It doesn't suffer from the "chart-itis" that afflicts some rules; with just a bit of familiarity, all you need is a single Combat Results Table. I've even heard from people who have modded Ogre Miniatures to use with WWII tanks. The scale has to change a bit, of course, and there are fewer one-hit kills, but they tell me it works!

If you haven't supported yet, please give the project a look. It is a short campaign, ending May 25. I appreciate your interest!

-- Steve Jackson

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